governing body of amateur golf in Wyoming

Wyoming State Golf Association

Over A Century of Golf

The Wyoming State Golf Association (WSGA) is the governing body of amateur golf in Wyoming. Since its formation in 1922, the objective of the WSGA has been to promote and maintain the game of amateur golf throughout Wyoming. The WSGA is instrumental in organizing tournaments and events that unite amateur golfers of all skill levels, fostering a community spirit and a love for the game. We also focus on developing junior golfers, providing opportunities for young talent to grow and excel. 

News & Announcements
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Promoting Golf Across Wyoming

The WSGA offers a range of services annually, including handicap services for member clubs, rating all golf courses in Wyoming, and sponsoring various state championships and funding team events. Additionally, the WSGA publishes an annual Tournament Schedule and Handicap Information Booklet, hosts USGA qualifying and national events (in association with the CGA) and serves as a liaison with the USGA for various golf-related matters. The association proudly supports a membership of nearly 10,000 golfers from 51 clubs across Wyoming.